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Dec 9, 2012 5:30am EST
and rolling and 20 seconds later put down the phone. here in fairfax county police are using a law fillure to pay full attention who texting or distracted behind the wheel. >> not a day goes by without noticing another driver texting while driving. the officers are doing what they can to enforce it. >> these kinds of violations have skyrocketed. in 2009, about 7,000 offenses. in 2010, over 9,000. last year and this year, close to 12,000 offenses. here in virginia, a number of bills are being drawn up that would make the penalties for texting and driving tougher. the problem is that in the commonwealth, texting and driving is a secondary offense. meaning you can't be pulled over just for texting alone. carl rally's 19-year-old son kyle was killed a year and a half ago because of an apparent texting and driving case. kyle's car broke down near his home and kyle got out to push and he was then hit. records show the driver who hit him was his phone. >> texting. not texting, not looking at the road while driving the car which -- turns into a weapon because of the complicated way virginia laws a
Dec 23, 2012 5:30am EST
to be approaching you in a parking lot. >> this time of year, many of us are using our smart phones at gatherings and parties. it can be a pain to get all of those memories from a phone, into a printer and into a frame. we'll see how some apps are making that ease jer. >> say cheese. >> smile. big smile. >> the phone is with me everywhere. >> like most moms, michelle nagra who has four kids has one phone overflowing with photos. >> it always has, like, 2,000 pictures or so on my computer. >> pictures that rarely made it from phone to frame because printing can be such a process. >> you can crop the pictures if you want. >> but, now, new apps like free print make it easy to print directly from your album. >> you can print out a hundred pictures every month for just the shipping fee. and the pictures actually turn out really great. >> another app. snaparific is similar and lets you send prints to anyone in your address book. one popular option? turning a picture into a canvas. >> we actually strip the photographic emulsion off of the paper and mount that on canvas. you get a really nice check that
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)